Each month I publish Every Cloud Accounting’s income. Here is the June 2024 monthly income report, along with a review of the month.

This is the third income report I have published and all of a sudden, it’s not so scary.

I have had some great feedback and publishing the monthly figures was 100% the right decision and one I want to build on, increasing transparency.

June came and went, with plenty of highlights and challenges on the way, let’s dig in.

What went well

  • Revenue increased by 24.7% compared to May and it was my best month for over 12 months.
  • I am focused on writing 500 words a day, and did that for 11 days (see pic below), which included sending a monthly newsletter and publishing 3 blog posts: My May 2024 income report, why service businesses make great lifestyle businesses and 7 easy improvements to make your business finances less stressful.
  • I started posting on linky dink (LinkedIn) again, with the strategy of directing people to the Every Cloud website which seems to be working. I am exploring posting on LinkedIn for 3 months and will publish the results as I go.
  • I carried out a lot of client work, which helped increase revenue with one-off accounts jobs.
  • I paid my first corporation tax payment – this is the most tax I have ever paid, but that’s to be celebrated.
  • Finally, I ran 11 times – it feels good to be moving again after eating my weight in Big Macs on paternity leave.
June 2024 writing schedule

June 2024 writing schedule

What didn’t go well

  • June was quieter month with 4 enquiries (down from 7 in May), it doesn’t impact June, but it could impact sales further down the line, as there tends to be a lag from enquiry to client.
  • It was also a quieter month with new clients and onboarding 1 new client. The business model doesn’t rely on lots of new clients, but they help build up the recurring revenue.
  • I am still finding my feet trying to be productive with a baby and dog. At times I was more productive working in a café, but I still found it hard having big stretches of productivity.
  • I had more hospital appointments for my fractured finger *sigh*, so with a two hour round trip and a lot of waiting around, it disrupts the day.

Building a 6-figure lifestyle business

  • I have taken the majority of Fridays off, with the focus on actually trying to do something and get out of the house. Eagle eye clients will know I have responded on Fridays, but once I have shut the laptop, I have switched off.
  • Sadly my grandma died in June, so I appreciated being able to spend all day at the hospital and make funeral arrangements without any major commitments.
  • We have given the go-ahead for our garage to be converted into an office which is going to help having a separate space to work, and also a place for clients to visit.
  • I have started journalling again, which is something I used to love. I have started doing it first thing in the morning and it has helped me reflect on the previous day and get clearer what I am working on on that day.

June 2024 monthly income report

June 2024 monthly income report

So that’s June. I am happy with how June went and it’s the first month in a long time where I knew I could pay tax, take money out the business and for there to be cash flow to grow.

If you’re reading these income reports I would love to hear from you – drop me a message tom@everycloudaccounting.co.uk

See you next month!

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