Hey, I am Tom and I run Every Cloud Accounting, an accountancy and bookkeeping practice based in Lichfield, Staffordshire. It’s an online practice and I serve clients all over the UK.

I set Every Cloud up because I wanted freedom, I was tired for working for an accountancy practice with little flexibility. I wanted to be control of how much I earnt and the amount of time I could take off.

Spending time with my wife Amy and our little rascal Cavapoo Buddy, who I am sure you will see a lot of (He has to earn his keep somehow) are what’s important to me. Along with golf and a bit of running!

I completely get your dreams and why you set up your business, I am on that journey with you!

I saw the good, the bad and the ugly dealing with clients in practice and knew I wanted to offer a better service for clients. A small business accountant that’s different to the reputation of the industry and gives you the support that you deserve.

I think it’s SO important that you work with an accountant that gets you and is a good fit, so if you think I could help you please head to the contact page and answer a few questions, I will then be in touch to book a call.

Transparency is REALLY important to me, so I am now sharing the Every Cloud Accounting results publicly.

Here are some common frustrations that I hear, that could mean we are a great fit:

  • You are working with an accountant who doesn’t return your calls, isn’t proactive with deadlines and it feels like they don’t care.

  • You don’t know how much you’re paying your accountant or worry you will be charged for calling.

  • You’re not embracing cloud software, you have heard of Xero but either not using it or not using it to it to its fullest potential.

  • You’re not comfortable picking up the phone to your accountant, you want to deal with someone who is friendly and speaks in Laymans terms, no acronyms or accountancy waffle.

Set packages

You will never receive an unexpected bill; you will choose a package and pricing will always be agreed before the work starts.

Relaxed & friendly

I want you to feel comfortable dealing with me and never want you to feel you can’t pick up the phone, or worry if you do, you will be billed for the time.


Regular communication throughout the year – So we are proactively looking at your financial information and not looking 6 months after the year end once the ship has sailed.


And of course, Cloud Accounting – Not just choosing a cloud software, but embracing it; regular bookkeeping and automation to make your life easier, save you time and give you up to date information when you need it.