It could be time for a Xero health check.

When you’re not feeling well, you go to the doctors for a check up. Even if you need a little nudge like I do from my wife.

We can’t possibly know everything that could be wrong with us and sometimes we need an expert pair or eyes to take a look.

It’s a bit like that with your bookkeeping, if you’re doing the bookkeeping yourself, but it just doesn’t feel right and you’re not confident you’re doing it correctly, that’s what the Xero health check is for.

Xero Health Check image

Inaccurate Xero data

Many Xero accounts I look at and I notice the information can’t be relied upon; incorrect bank balances, incorrect account code posting, posting to the balance sheet instead of the profit & loss.

Bookkeeping is the lifeblood of any business and if there are errors being made, it means the data you’re getting is inaccurate. Consequently, you won’t be able to make the important decisions you need to.

It’s costing you more to have your accounts prepared and you may be losing money, under claiming VAT or not being compliant to HMRC.

Xero health check report

You will receive a Xero Health check report with health score, along with a set of feedback of how the bookkeeping can be improved, which can be carried out by yourself or by Every Cloud.

The report will include:

✔ Number of duplicate invoices or bills.
✔ Multi-account suppliers – Flagging where things may have been posted wrong.
✔ Multi-tax rate suppliers – Flagging where the wrong VAT rate may have been claimed.
✔ Duplicate and inactive contacts.
✔ Bills or direct – Payments which may have been posted from the bank rather than paying a bill.
✔ Number of unreconciled bank transactions.
✔ Plus many more helpful metrics.

It goes with out saying that to be able to purchase this, you need to be using Xero accounting software. If you’re looking for training or set up support, the Power Hour is a better fit.

The Xero health check up is for small business owners already using Xero with data in the accounting software.

Xero Health Check – £49

How it works

  1. Fill in the health check request form below.
  2. You will be sent an invoice and instructions of how to add Every Cloud as a user to your Xero licence.
  3. The Xero Health Check will be carried out and within 5 working days you will receive a report with suggestions on how to improve your Xero bookkeeping.
  4. If you would like a call, we can jump on the phone to discuss the feedback.
  5. If you want Every Cloud to carry out the improvements, this could be ongoing bookkeeping or a Xero tidy up, you will get the health check fee knocked off your first invoice, making it free. Can’t get better than that!

Good bookkeeping is crucial in every small business and is the foundation to good, accurate financial information.

Good bookkeeping reduces your account’s fee and helps you make better, up to date financial decisions.

So if you’re feeling worried that your financial information in Xero is incorrect, request a health check today.


Photo of Tom Smith, Accountant and his dog Buddy