How to change accountants – 5 easy steps

In this video I am going to show you how to change accountants in 5 easy steps.

Changing accountants can be a daunting process, like changing banks or hairdressers.

I speak to a lot of clients who are unhappy, but can be reluctant to move, because they see the process as scary. Which I completely get!

I am going to run through the process and break it down into 5 easy steps.

It’s a very simple process, which can be completed within days, but most likely weeks.

5 steps to change accountants

1. Find a new accountant – To find your perfect accountant you may have to kiss a few frogs, once you have found your new accountant the process can start.

2. Contact your existing accountant – You then need to contact your existing accountant to make them aware that you’re leaving. They may issue you with a disengagement letter which documents the responsibilities of your existing accountant. It’s important to be aware of certain dates like payroll and VAT deadlines, which accountant will be carrying these out?

3. Letter of engagement – You will be issued with a letter of engagement for each Limited Company/Individual, these are mandatory for any accountant registered with an accountancy body, it will document the terms, services, and investment, which needs signing.

4. Professional clearance – You then need to give permission to new accountant contact previous accountant asking whether any reason not to act. Also to request documentation, like tax returns and previous accounts, this can take place without you. I did one yesterday and heard back in 24 hours, so it can be quick!

5. Authorisation – Once the onboarding, AML checks and professional clearance has taken place, the new accountant will request authorisation to act for you with HMRC. Depending on the tax, you will either receive a code through the post or a link to click in your gateway.

Simples! I know it can be daunting, but the process should go through smoothly, we are all adults and professional clearance is part of accountancy.

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