You’re on the look out for an Online Accountant in Lichfield. In this post I am going to explain what an online accountant is, what makes a good one, along with some questions to ask when speaking to an accountant to find out if they really are an online accountant.

What is an online accountant?

The term ‘online accountant’ is getting increasingly popular. An online accountant or cloud accountant offers the same services as a traditional accountant but takes advantage of cloud software to make your business more efficient. Giving you a relationship with your accountant where you no longer need to live in the same town.

If a business owner was running a business in the early 2000’s, they would typically have had Sage on their desktop computer and would have to sit at the computer to access the information. Then if the accountant needed to access the information, they would come to the premises or request a back-up of the software.

It’s likely with that you would be handing over physical bank statements and a big pile of invoices and receipts to go with it. A lot of paper!

But since accountancy cloud software was created, it helps businesses access up to date financial information wherever you are. You’re no longer limited to sitting at your desktop computer and there a whole array of software available, to make your life easier.

What makes a good online accountant in Lichfield?

We have gone through what an online accountant is, so what makes a good one?

Accountancy software – A good online accountant will typically specialise in one accountancy software and know it well. Most accountants will say they are a ‘cloud’ practice, but do they really understand the software?  Every Cloud is a Xero only practice, which gives me the knowledge to know the software back to front.

Questions to ask when speaking to an accountant:

  • What software do you use?
  • Do you recommend one software over the others?
  • What successful software set ups/conversions have you had similar to my business?

Customer service – If you’re working with an online accountant, you may not be in the same town, so customer service is essential. Check the accountants reviews to check the level of customer service. How are you going to be able to contact them, is it strictly email, or do you get phone and meetings as well? A good online accountant will be utilising software, to deliver even better customer service.

Questions to ask when speaking to an accountant:

  • How can I contact you?
  • Will I be charged if I call or email you?

Paperless –A good online accountant will be paperless, meaning they can access your information from anywhere in the World. It doesn’t make sense working with an online accountant if the accountant has reems of client documents lying around and you’re still expected to sign your accounts with a quill. All your information should be saved digitally and there should processes in place to collect your backing information remotely and get accounts approved.

Questions to ask:

  • Is your practice paperless?
  • Where do do keep your client records?
  • How do I submit my bank statements and invoices?

Meetings – Online accountancy needs to be blended with a personal touch, which no matter how much technology you use, needs to be there. As part of the service of working with an online accountant you want meetings or the ability to speak to someone if a problem or query arose.

Questions to ask when speaking to an accountant:

  • Do I get meetings to discuss my accounts?

Benefits of working with an online accountant in Lichfield

Reduced costs – In the old days, Accountants would key in bank statements or invoices manually. Which as you can expect takes a long time and would increase how much you pay. Now with software like Xero you can have a live bank feed and by using Dext, it can extract your information from your purchase invoices, so you don’t have to enter it. Which is going to reduce the cost of your bookkeeping and accountancy services.

Automation – There are so many ways you can automate your bookkeeping using Xero. For example automatic recurring invoices that get sent out, or bank rules, which automatically post recurring transactions. Which saves your time and the accountants, so you can focus on what you do best.

Making tax digital – Making Tax Digital (MTD) has already been launched for VAT, MTD will be here for corporation tax before you know it (Currently April 2026). If all your accountancy data is in cloud software, you will be on the path to being ready for MTD. If all your information is in a spreadsheet, it’s going to be a huge change when MTD is implemented.

What software do you use then?

The main accounting software I use is Xero & Dext. Xero is where all your accountancy information is stored and Dext is used to extract your information from your invoices. You can take a picture of an invoice and then the information can be accessed by Every Cloud, posted to Xero so you have a digital copy.

Here’s a link to Xero & Dext (both offer a free trial):



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